PG Essentials

PG Essentials line is now available on Etsy!

Simple, minimalist pieces that enhance any ensemble.

Style and cozy comfort are what we are all about at Precious Gems Crochet. Classic, one of a kind accessories for the fashion lover.

I’m are so happy to introduce you to our PG Essentials line from Precious Gems Crochet!

Style and cozy comfort are what we are all about at Precious Gems Crochet. We have created simple, minimalist pieces that we believe enhances any ensemble. Classic, one of a kind accessories for the fashion lover.

The hypoallergenic yarn used to make these products give you the feel of wool without the itch.

The yarn we used is made with 90% Acrylic and 10% Alpaca. These items are lightweight with added warmth from the Alpaca without the bulk of a chunkier yarn. 

These are the perfect fall accessories for your wardrobe. We’ve used neutral colours that go with everything.

Blush pink is our signature colour that we absolutely couldn’t leave out! Take a scroll down to see what I’m talking about. I mean, how could we not?!

Besides the blush colour we have also used the most beautiful cream, as well as a classic charcoal gray and of course black to round it out. All items will be available in these colours for the Fall/Winter 2018 season.

The cool days of fall are made better with classic styles and cozy comforts of the perfect accessories don’t you think?

Eggnog Cowl

This beautiful cowl infinity scarf is so toasty warm. It is extra wide for added comfort and versatility. This cowl could even be pulled up over your head in a pinch when you find yourself in a surprise snowfall.

It it lightweight rather than having the extra bulk of a chunkier yarn.  But hey! If you love that chunky look, stay tuned as the next product line we have planned is all about the chunk! It will be here in time for the dead of winter when we are in full hibernation mode 😉

Extra long Slouchy Beanie

This slouchy beanie was not on our radar when we first began making beanies for Precious Gems Crochet. It was a special request from a friend after she saw our regular slouchy beanie. She wanted to be able to fit her hair up inside on days where she wore her hair up and still have a nice slouch.

After making one for her, we started getting more and more requests for it, and now it is our best selling beanie! It’s the perfect beanie for the boho chic fashion lover. Wear your hair up inside it, or down and just let it flop in all of it’s slouchy glory!

Regular Slouchy Beanie

This is the first beanie we ever made! It was requested by my sister over two years ago, and it is still a part of our line today! It is a classic fall/winter hat that will stand the test of time.

Wear it back further on your forehead for added slouch, or pull it down for a more snug fit.

Twist Headband

This classic headband has a bit of a Twist!

It is nice and wide and so toasty warm. Wear it jogging, playing outside with the kids, or even when you’re popping out quickly to the grocery store. It has plenty of stretch so will fit many sizes.

Messy bun toque

Have you ever had those days where you throw your hair up into a ponytail or messy bun and it’s just perfect? Then, shortly after, you have to head out in the cold or snow only to realize you have to take your hair down to put your toque on? Oh the frustration!

Not anymore! Leave that perfect messy bun in girl! This messy bun hat has a hole in the top (with an elastic built in) to fit right over top of that perfect bun.

Are you the type of person who likes to perfect the look and create the messy bun after your hat is already on?

This hat is lightweight enough that you can  do just that. Leave it on even when you’re indoors and have the perfect bun shaped around it. You will still be quite warm, but not too crazy warm.

Mug cozy

The perfect accessory for the coffee or tea lover! Keep those precious hands of yours from burning on those scorching hot paper cups that you get from the coffee shop.

I keep one of these in the console of my car at all times. This way I can quickly grab it when I’m going through the drive through and I can say “No thanks” to the dozens and dozens of cardboard cup jackets that I would potentially go through each year.

It’s a great way to make an impact on the environment and reduce waste!

Now if only I could remember to bring my travel mug with me wherever I go so I could reduce the amount of disposable cups I go through as well. Baby steps.

Either way this cozy will wrap around any standard cup or mug that you use regularly. It works great in the summer as well to prevent your hands from getting wet from the condensation on those frosty drinks.

The button on this cozy ACTUALLY works. It’s not just for decoration. This allows you to feed it through the handle on your favourite mug when you are warm and toasty by the fireplace sipping on your favourite hot beverage.

Plus it’s stinkin’ adorable too! Am I right?

The beautiful thing about this line and the neutral, monochrome colours is that we can mix and match any of our pieces.

Think a long, cream slouchy beanie with a charcoal Eggnog cowl. Or maybe a pink Twist headband with a black Eggnog cowl and a cream coloured mug cozy.

Or if you love to coordinate we carry each product in each of our four colours. I mean who doesn’t love matchy matchy every now and then?

We would love to hear from you! We’ve started a Precious Gems Crochet Focus Group on Facebook. In there we ask you various questions about our current products and ideas that we are working on for future product lines.

We know what we like to see, but the products we make are not for us, they are for YOU – our loyal customers, so your opinion is much more valid than our very limited ones.

If you are willing to participate and give us honest answers, we will reward you with coupon codes and other prizes throughout the year! You will also be added to our VIP Group which is strictly for buying customers and Focus Group members.

What are the items you’re dying to try out? Do you have any questions about any of them?

Head to our Contact Page and let us know! We are happy to have a chat with you to discuss our new products.

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