5 tips for Eating Healthy on the Go!


 The key to eating healthy and staying on track is to be prepared.

Yup, the good old Boy Scouts adage!  They know what they’re talking about.

Read on for my 5 best tips for Eating Healthy on the Go.

Whether you’re at the rink, dance, soccer, music, a tournament out of town or wherever your evening/weekend activities take you, you can equip your family with healthy options and avoid all of that junk food.

Try the tips below to make sure you are staying on track!

1.Make a list

Make a list of healthy snacks and portable food items that you know your family will eat.  Print it out in bright, bold colors and stick it on your fridge.  This will help jog your memory when you are making your grocery list or doing your meal prep and planning for the week.

You can even get your kids to help out with this! Have them cut pictures out of the grocery flyer of things that they would like to try. Then they can glue them to the page (keep an eye on them though otherwise it might end up being all cookies and ice cream!).

It can also be a quick reference when you are running out the door and decide that you should grab something to go because you can’t stand the thought of yet another rink burger!

2. Food prep

 Try to take an hour on the weekend (or whenever you can find the time) to prep some things for the week ahead.

Boil some eggs, make a big batch of hummus or guacamole, cut up some veggies, wash some fruit, make some sandwiches and salad dressings, assemble some Mason jar salads and maybe even cook a chicken!

Whatever you can get done ahead of time, do it!  It will make food prep for the rest of the week a breeze.



3. Keep a separate “Go Bag”

Make sure to keep a designated cooler bag and Thermos for those evenings that you aren’t able to eat at home. That way you’re not scrambling around for someone’s lunch kit or washing dishes just to fill them up again.  You know what happens in that situation – packing dinner just doesn’t happen!  Also make sure to have some water bottles ready to go when you’re heading out the door to avoid buying sugary drinks from the pop machine or concession when someone gets thirsty.  Staying hydrated can also help ward off unhealthy cravings, so drink up!

4.Organize a food swap

Reach out to some of your friends that you see on a regular basis at your various activities. Suggest the possibility of a food swap or “potluck” of sorts.

  You could each take turns bringing some healthy snacks (or dinner) for the group. This will help to avoid spending extra money and consuming unneeded sugar, salt and fat at the concession.

You’ll take your turn once in a while, but then you can sit back and relax on the other days when it’s someone else’s responsibility.  You will all save time, money and lots of calories in the end!

5.Pack and prep food when you travel

 When staying at a hotel, call ahead to see if your room has a microwave and fridge. If not, you may still be able to request having them sent to your room.   This way you can insure you’re eating healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks.  If you can avoid eating out during the day, you will be able to splurge more on dinner out!

Epicure has some great tools that are easy to pack in your bags for trips out of town.

Try the omelet maker or steamers that only require a microwave to provide your family with a hot meal right in your hotel room.

Stop by the nearest grocery store on your way into town for some basics. Grab eggs, chicken, fruit, veggies, a small bit of oil and vinegar and some Greek yogurt. Store these in the mini fridge at your hotel.

Pack a bowl with a lid or a Mason jar, or better yet have the hotel send them up.  Also pack an Epicure cruet and any of Epicure’s dry salad dressing mixes or dip mixes to make a quick yogurt dip for your veggies, or throw together a nice salad to take with you for later.  You can even use the cruet to shake up your eggs and seasonings for a quick omelet using the omelet maker. This will cost a fraction of the cost you would pay in a restaurant!

What are your best tips for healthy eating on the go?  What other tips would you like to see from me? Comment below, I’m always looking for the next best tip!

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