Grillin’ and Chillin’ – it’s Barbecue season!


The warm weather is here and the first thing on my mind is – barbecue season!

It’s time to get Grillin’ and Chillin’!

I to share with you some of our favourite foods to barbecue in the summer and how easy it can be. As well as different variations you can try to give it a gourmet flair!

Make sure you read to the end for some tips on creating the perfect cocktails for your guest this summer!


The most common barbecue item on our menu is, of course, the ever-popular hamburger.  There are so many ways to change the flavor of your hamburger, you can bet we rarely make the same one twice!

First of all we love to change the seasonings in our patties. We love the traditional Burger seasoning and Big Burger sauce mix right in our patties.  Taco seasoning in our beef patties, or Souvlaki seasoning and feta in chicken or pork are a great way to change it up!

Like a spicy burger? Check out the Big Batch Spicy Buffalo Chicken Burgers recipe on my website!

Try Epicure’s 3-in-1 Burger Press to make the perfect burger every time. It makes a regular patty, a stuffed patty or sliders!

3-in-1 Burger Press

By adding a few fresh seasonal ingredients like spinach, avocado, tomatoes, pickles, peppers your burger is brought to a whole new level.! How about different cheeses like smoked cheddar, Swiss or feta? It’s so simple to jazz up your burgers and WOW your guests!

One more item that is going to give your burger that restaurant quality, gourmet flair is the sauce:

Trade in plain old ketchup and mustard for something new like salsa, guacamole, tzatziki, or a delicious aioli. How about a specialty mustard such as Sweet & Spicy, or Honey Mustard.

Check out Epicure’s “Good Burgers. Real Fast” collection for a multitude of ways to make gourmet burgers and sauces right in your own home. It even includes the new Veggie Burger packages.

Never made veggie burgers before? No problem! Epicure Veggie Burgers take all of the guess work out of how to do that. Just follow the recipe on the back of the package.

Glazes and Rubs

 Forgot to marinate your meat?  No need to panic.  With Epicure’s dry glazes, all you need is 10 minutes!

Place your meat, some oil and the dry glaze blend (the recipe is on the jar!) in a resealable bag, massage to coat, refrigerate for 10 minutes and it’s ready for the grill! Oh Canada dry glaze is the most popular of my clients. It’s the perfect mix of garlic and maple. The perfect Canada combination!

Rubs are also a great way to season your main dish.

To use them as a dry rub, rub the seasoning on right before grilling for foods that cook quickly at high temperatures such as steaks, chicken breasts, shrimp and fish.

Or add some oil to create a wet rub for ribs, thick chops, bone-in chicken or Portobello mushrooms.  Create your own signature rub, or try an already pre-mixed blend such as Montreal Steak, Montreal Chicken, or our favourite BBQ Chicken & Rib Rub.



While we’re grillin’, we are also sure to be chillin’!

Impress your guests with a few refreshing summery beverages with some added flair.

Take your cocktails, iced teas, and lemonades to the next level with a specialty rim trimmer. Stick with the ever classic Caesar trimmer, or get creative with one of Epicure’s Sweet Dip Mixes.  Think Summer Berry on your fruity drinks, Coconut Lime for your Margaritas, or maybe Chocolate Truffle on a paralyzer or Chocolatini.

Check out my website for lots of great cocktail recipes you can make right at home!

Put those finishing touches on your fruity/sweet drinks with citrus slices, frozen fruit cubes (made in the Iceberg Mold), berry skewers or edible flowers and herbs. 

Load up your Caesars or tomato based drinks with olives, jerky, celery sticks and/or your own homemade “Quickles”. Quickles are a simple refrigerator pickle made out of cucumbers, beans, asparagus, carrots, onions, mushrooms, or whatever you can think of to pickle! Just follow the recipe on the jar!

Looking for a twist on your usual Caesar? Give a Bloody Caesar a try. It’s spicy with a smoky flair! No need to add anything other than Bloody Caesar mix to your Clamato and vodka. Be careful though, it is SUPER spicy, so you might want to start with half of what it says on the jar!

            There are so many ways to make your backyard barbecue fun, fancy, inviting and oh so delicious!  Share a picture to my Facebook page Lindsay Wunsch or tag me on Instagram @lindsays.epic.journey to show me how you are “Grillin’ & Chillin’” this season!


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